Monday, March 14, 2016

Do You Need Full Service Catering - Part 1

As we were updating listings and ads, a thought occurred to us. We list ourselves as "full service caterers" in numerous advertisements and websites, but do clients really know what that means? Do they realize the importance or unimportance of having a "do it all" caterer? Is it just about convenience or is there something else involved?  Hopefully this post will address those questions and provide you with some answers.

Our definition of a full service caterer basically describes everything that we do for and with our clients to ensure that their event runs smoothly. From the initial contact from the client, we open the discussion about event visions, menu preferences, dietary restrictions and so on. During this process we try come get a full visual of the event and how the client sees the event playing out in their mind.
Based on the information we are given we then create a custom menu for our client that takes all things into consideration. We also provide the client with all the rental items they may require to properly service their event. This would include chinaware, glassware, flatware, linens, tables, and chairs. If its an outdoor event in the fall months, we even provide outdoor heaters .

That's just the beginning, we provide the servers to come to the event location, deliver our equipment and set up the event. Let's take a dinner for example, depending on the venue, tables and chairs may already be set up, in which case we would place the table linens and folded napkins on the tables, preset the flatware and preset glasses of ice water. We  usually work directly with the florist or person providing the centerpieces to ensure the tables are set up prior to their arrival.

Once the tables are set , we await the guests arrival. There is always a lead server or a catering coordinator onsite at every event to ensure that all set up has been done to the clients specifications.
It is also this person's role to be sure the timing of the food and beverage service is both timely and expedient. Much thought and planning goes into the set up of an event. For example, buffet service, depending on the space and the number of guests, how many serving lines do you need? Do you need multiple buffets ? How will the buffet flow? These are all things we take into consideration to be sure the flow of the event is achieved. There is nothing worse than a floor plan that gives no consideration to the length of time it takes to get guests served. It can be a logistical nightmare! That is why we take the additional time and effort during the planning process to be sure nothing is overlooked.

Next post we will go into more detail about the event timeline and what happens after the event is over.

Monday, February 15, 2016

A Match Made In Heaven

Culinary Art Catering is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with the beautiful new venue, Hidden Creek. Located just 30 miles east of downtown Dallas in Heath, TX, lies this stunning vintage style barn, on 5 acres of lush landscape. Hidden Creek is the perfect spot for a corporate retreat, holiday party or extravagant wedding.

Hidden Creek offers indoor space to accommodate up to 300 guests as well as several outdoor areas that are perfect for a ceremony!
 As the onsite caterer, Culinary Art Catering will help to customize a menu perfect for your event.

Whether a casual, station-style menu, or an elegant plated dinner, Chef Yossi and the culinary team will tempt your taste buds with delicious dishes.

Let the combined forces of Hidden Creek and Culinary Art Catering assist you in making your next occasion a memorable affair. We are ready to help make your event vision a reality.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Old Red Museum & Courthouse

In the heart of downtown Dallas, lies the beautiful, historic red brick building. Old Red Museum is rich is culture, and history, and having been beautifully restored, is the perfect location for any special occasion.

Built in 1892, the red brick building still stands tall and proud.

Downtown views offer a beautiful setting for a ceremony.

Beautifully restored ballrooms offer an inviting atmosphere for any reception.

The Great Hall is the perfect spot for an elegant dinner.

Grand entryways provide an extravagant backdrop for any ceremony.

Culinary Art Catering is proud to be amongst the approved caterers at The Old Red Museum. Let us help create the perfect menu for your next special occasion.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Museum of Biblical Art

Located in the heart of Dallas, The Museum of Biblical Art is the perfect venue to host an elegant affair, whether wedding or corporate party. From the beautiful and spacious ballroom, to the grand atrium or library of historical art, the Museum provides an atmosphere of history and sophistication.
The Atrium is the perfect space for cocktail hour...

Or food stations and bars.
The ballroom is perfect for receptions and parties.

Beautiful table set for a fall wedding reception.

Culinary Art Catering is proud to be partnered with this beautiful venue. Whether a formal plated dinner, or a variety of food stations, The Museum of Biblical Art is the perfect setting for a special occasion. Contact us today and we will help customize the perfect menu for your event.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Selecting a Menu: Timeless and Trendy

At Culinary Art Catering, we pride ourselves on developing creative, innovative, customized menus for each of our clients. However, we have found that some of the most classic menu inspirations still remain popular and highly requested. One of our favorite menus is our "Timeless Soirée" station-style menu.

 Timeless Soirée includes your choice of 3 passed hors d'oeuvres from our exceptional variety of "classic bites"

Deluxe Display of International Cheeses

 A vibrant and delicious Antipasto Display

 Carving Station of  Cocktail Sandwiches: Beef Sirloin and Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thigh

And of course, the always crowd pleasing, Potato Martini Station

This menu offers something that all of your guests will enjoy! Let Culinary Art Catering assist in making your next event memorable, amazing and timeless. Whether you are planning an intimate gathering or a grandiose affair, we will bring your vision to life.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Venue At Waterstone

Just north of the metroplex in the beautiful town of Celina, lies a majestic gem of Texas land, home to The Venue at Waterstone. Family owned and operated, this spectacular new venue was inspired by a hunt for a venue for their daughter's wedding. The owners' warm and hospitable nature offer clients an extraordinary experience from start to finish. This rustic barn style venue is full of elegance, charm, and beautiful waterside views.
 This over 8,000 square ft. barn can accommodate up to 450 guests for a reception.
 Floor to ceiling windows offer a breathtaking view.
Stone lined ponds surround the incredible property.
One of the many beautiful ceremony spaces on an island in the middle of the water.
The Venue at Waterstone is one of our top venue favorites of 2015. Culinary Art Catering will customize a menu with some true Texas favorites to go with this beautiful Texas gem. 
Culinary Art Catering is excited to work with The Venue at Waterstone!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Wedding Beverage FAQ

Wedding Beverages: Alcoholic & Non Alcoholic 

Wedding Beverages are so important to the atmosphere and theme of your wedding.  There are so many creative ways to make pretty and fun drinks for all of your guests, even if you choose NOT to serve alcohol.  Culinary Art Catering has a full menu of delicious and refreshing  "Mock-tails" that can be garnished and rimmed with colored sugar to match your wedding colors.  

When planning your wedding beverages, it is important to consider your overall budget and the age and style of your guests.  Many brides want a full liquor bar however, this incurs much more (sometimes unexpected) expense, not only in liquor product, but also the glassware and mixers and garnishes.  Lots of couples offer specialty cocktails that staff can "Butler Pass" during the cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony.  Try to minimize your cocktails to 2-3 complex cocktails due to time for the bartender to make.  Too many ingredients make for long lines at the bar, unless they are pre mixed.

Most brides offer beer & wine bar only (or with a champagne toast).  This keeps your costs minimal, but still offers drinks for your guests. It is highly recommended to offer only two wines (a red and a white), and 2-4 beer varieties, depending on the crowd. Many clients offer fresh brewed or homemade beers form local breweries.   Also, do not forget about the glassware for your wine and beer.  Keep in mind, many photos will be taken at the reception, so bottles of beer in guests hands does not look so great in the after photos.  It is nice to offer a nice stemmed universal water goblet for your beer, or even get some plastic personalized cups, that also make a great memento for your guests.  

Champagne or NO Champagne?  THAT is the question.  This is a very traditional wedding activity that every bride has their own ideas on.  Although it is a fun to have your guests making toasts and telling stories, you do not HAVE to serve champagne.  These days, you can still do the toasts, but have the guests toast with "drink in hand".  It saves a little $ on champagne product and  glassware too, and most guests just have a few sips then leave the rest.  Or  some Bride & Grooms have a "special bottle" of extra nice champagne for the bride and groom ONLY to toast with then have the guests toast with whatever drink they are drinking. 

Although the alcohol cost can be a large part of your overall reception budget, it is not accepted etiquette to ask guests purchase their own alcohol (drink tickets, cash bar, etc).  So try and choose to either serve alcohol or NOT serve alcohol. 

If you are providing your own alcohol, also consider the physical labor of who will be picking up and transporting the alcohol to the venue, that is important to coordinate in advance.  That is a lot of heavy lifting and work for the DAY OF your wedding. And don't forget the beverage ice, we usually recommend at least 2 - 3 lbs per person -  more if full bar.  It is best to outsource that responsibility to a liquor store or vendor that offers a full bar all inclusive package, like Culinary Art Catering.

And do not forget the coffee too, especially for the "mature" guests.  Most like coffee with wedding cake after dinner. 

Whatever you decide on beverages, try to have a nice variety for all guests to enjoy and have everything you serve reflect your unique style and taste.  Have a great wedding - CHEERS!