Friday, December 19, 2014

Merrymaking at Addison Conference Centre

On Sunday the 7th, the town of Addison came in droves to visit Santa, create adorable crafts, sing carols, and of course eat some delicious breakfast food!  This was such a fun event for individual families of all ages!  Scroll down through the pics and check out our custom menu for them at the bottom!

Addison Conference Center, Holiday, Culinary Art Catering
Addison Conference Center

Christmas Tree, Culinary Art Catering

Yogurt Parfait, Addison Conference Center, Culinary Art Catering
Mini Yogurt Parfait

Addison Conference Center, Poinsettias, Culinary Art Catering
Main Ballroom

Addison Conference Center, Culinary Art Catering
Fireplace Photo-Op

Holiday Party, Christmas Party, Addison Conference Center, Culinary Art Catering
Brunch Buffet

Addison Conference Center, Culinary Art Catering

Nutcrackers, Addison Conference Center, Culinary Art Catering

Cookies, Addison Conference Center, Culinary Art Catering
Made-to-Order Cookie Station

Addison Conference Center, Culinary Art Catering
Main Performance Stage

Brunch, Holiday Party, Breakfast, Addison Conference Center, Culinary Art Catering
Scrambled Egg Station

Pancakes, Waffles, Breakfast, Brunch, Addison Conference Center, Culinary Art Catering
Pancakes and Waffles

Chef-Attended Carving Station of Holiday Ham
 Scrambled Eggs Station
  Buttermilk Biscuits 
 Chicken and Waffle Station with Cream Gravy
 Pancakes with Warm Maple & Blueberry Syrup 
 Gourmet Quiche Station with Broccolli & Cheese, Bacon, and Mushroom & Cheese Varieties
 Individual Parfaits of Greek Yogurt, Blueberries, Raspberries, and Toasted Granola
 Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad
 Holiday Cookie Station with a Variety of Colorful Cookies and Baked-to-Order Cookies

Fresh Orange Juice
Crisp Cranberry Juice
Infused Ice Water
Hot Apple Cider
Gourmet Coffee
and Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows

 Holiday Cookie Station with a Variety of Colorful Cookies and Baked-to-Order Cookies

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Vineyard Reception

I just love weddings at Delaney Vineyards in Grapevine!  The ambiance, the aura, the experience...truly exquisite!  This particular event was a reception about a month after the real wedding for all the friends and family in town...some argued it was as good or even better than the original!  Scroll on down to check out the full event menu!

Dallas Weddings, Mini Desserts, Pastries, Culinary Art Catering
Assorted Mini French Pastries

Mini Desserts, Dessert Shots, Tiramisu, Mousse, Dallas, Culinary Art Catering
Dessert Shots and Mini Desserts

Bar Options, Grapevine Texas, Wedding Reception, Culinary Art Catering
Delaney Wine Selection

Pantone Marsala, Vineyard Wedding, Texas Wedding, Culinary Art Catering
Delaney Barrel Room Reception

Cocktail Hour, Dallas Wedding, Culinary Art Catering
Fruit and Cheese Display

Cocktail Hour on the Crush Pad

Butler-Passed Hors d’Oeurves
Cranberry & Kobe Beef Lollipop
Bacon Wrapped Chicken Skewer Drizzled with Balsamic-Fig Reduction

Display of International Cheese
Such as Double Crème Brie, Dutch Gouda, Boursin, French Port Salut
Garnished With Grapes & Strawberries Served With Water Crackers & Lavosh

Dinner Stations Around Room

CAC Signature Salad
Mixed Field Greens, Julienne Carrot, Mandarin Orange Segments, Walnuts, Dried Cranberries, Feta
Served with Chef's Signature Pomegranate Vinaigrette Dressing

Carving Station
Asiago Stuffed Chicken Roulade
Beef Sirloin
Condiments: Wasabi Horseradish, Basil Aioli, Spicy Mustard

Creamy Risotto-Tini
The Toppers: Sautéed Mushrooms, Aged Parmesan Cheese, Crumbled Bacon ,Sautéed Spinach,  Asiago Cheese Cream Sauce

Dessert Station 

Assorted Dessert Shots
Such as:
Bananas Foster Shots
Triple Chocolate Mousse Shots
Apple Caramel Shots
Cheesecake Shots
Tiramisu Shots
Strawberry Shortcake Shots
Served in Assorted Mini Plastic Glassware with Itty Bitty Utensils 

 Selection of French Mini Pastries
Such As: Chocolate Roulade, Mini Cheesecake, Fruit Tartlet, Mini Pecan Diamonds, Cream Filled Swans, Lemon Tartlet, Mini Napoleon, Mini Coconut Cream, Mini Black Forest Cake, Mini Seven Layer Torte, Mini Cannoli, Mini Cream Puff 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Blue Affair

Elysia was such an easy-going bride.  She was the exact opposite of a bridezilla, and even more importantly seemed to get more and more excited as her wedding day drew nearer.  Her ceremony and reception were both held at the Windsor at Hebron Creek in Carrollton.  The walls of the ballroom were washed in a spectacular blue tone which created a beautiful elegance to the entire evening.  The dinner she selected also added to the elegant feeling of her event (scroll on to the bottom to check out her full menu).  Here's a sneak-peek of her big day:

Windsor at Hebron Creek, Hydrangea, Culinary Art Catering
Cocktail Hour on Terrace

Colored Uplighting, Blue Wedding, Windsor at Hebron Creek, Culinary Art Catering
Blue Wedding Reception

Cocktail Hour, Hors d'Oeuvres, Appetizers, Wedding Food, Culinary Art Catering
Mini Napoleon Caprese Skewers

Wedding Food, Cocktail Hour, Appetizers, Dallas Weddings, Culinary Art Catering
Chicken Saltimbocca Skewers

Wedding Food, Chicken Entree, Dallas Weddings, Culinary Art Catering
Asiago-Stuffed Chicken Roulade

Stuffed Mushroom Caps
Plump Mushroom Caps, Filled with Sautéed Spinach & Triple Cream Boursin Cheese; Lightly Breaded and Baked to a Golden Brown Exterior

Mini Caprese Napoleon Skewers

Chicken "Saltimbocca" Skewers
Tender Chicken Breast, Sage, Buffalo Mozzarella & Parma Ham
Presented on 4" Skewers

Green Salad
Hearts of Romaine & Radicchio Toasted Herb Croutons, Julienne Carrots &Cherry Tomatoes Balsamic Vinaigrette and Italian Dressings 

Carving of Beef Sirloin Cocktail Sandwiches
Served on Herb Ciabatta Roll
Horseradish, Basil Aioli, Red Wine Demi-Glace
Asiago Stuffed Chicken Roulade
In Cream Sauce  

Creamy Risotto
With Vodka Cream Sauce 

Grilled Vegetable Display

Marinated Portabella Mushroom Slices,  Roasted Bell Peppers, Yellow Squash, Zucchini, 
Hearts of Palm & Assorted Olives; Marinated In Basil Olive Oil Drizzle  

Monday, December 1, 2014

Nuvo Room

Did you know Culinary Art Catering is the exclusive caterer for Nuvo Room?
Nuvo Room is a contemporary space in the heart of the North Dallas Design District. Nuvo Room can seat up to 300 guests and is perfect for any type of event. Nuvo Room is the place to host your event, whatever it may be!
Food and Bar service in Nuvo Room can be tailored to your specific palette and arranged however you would like. Nuvo Room is completely customizable and can be adjusted to fit your style and theme perfectly.  
If you would like more information about Nuvo Room you can call 469.453.4563 or visit
If you would like to speak with us about catering needs for Nuvo Room or any other venue you can reach us at 972.744.0660 or at . We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Is the perfect venue in your own backyard?

We are seeing more and more couples choose to host their wedding reception in their families homes or even in their own home. There are, of course, pros and cons to choosing to host the event at your own. First and foremost concern would, of course be space. No need to worry though, our catering manager will come to your home and assist you with determining the best logistical set up for ceremony and reception. This also allows us to be prepared for the event itself so if any transition is necessary, we can have our staff prepped and ready to go. 

Another consideration would be lighting, especially if the event is at night. If you need to bring in additional lighting, we can assist in making those arrangements for you or refer you to one of our vendor colleagues who can assist with your specific needs. 

What about parking? Depending on the number of guests you will be having, valet parking might be an option to look into. 

When planning an event that will take place outside we always urge our clients, even if they do not want to, to have a rain plan. Weather can be extremely unpredictable in Texas and you don't want to take the chance that your plans will be rained out! We have seen , first hand, the undue stress that not having a rain plan can cause. Ask yourself is there room to move the event indoors? Would furniture need to be moved? Is the area able to be tented?  

I think one of the biggest pluses to hosting an event in your home is the memories you are creating. Just as with entertaining for any event in your home, your personality and taste are at the forefront and shared with your guests. Even more so with a wedding since you can really focus on the details and giving your guests a stunning experience. 

Many clients are also choosing to host their weddings on family owned properties, such as ranches, vacation homes or even open fields. Yes, these can even be more challenging and you definitely want to leave the planning to the professionals . You could easily drive yourself crazy trying to get all of the logictics in place. When we do a site visit of the location, some of the questions we ask are :
Is there running water? Essential to know before hand !
Are there bathroom facilities? If not, these are easily brought in. 
Is there a prep area or kitchen area to work from? You would be surprised at how little we need to get the job done right, we just have to know in advance what equipment we need to bring. 
Is the location well marked? You don't want your guests driving up and down a dark, dirt road for hours looking for you! Put out markers or signage to let them know where to turn and if they have arrived to the right location. You may even want to charter a bus service to and from a hotel or meeting point if your location is truly off the beaten path. 


Your menu selections can reflect that homey feel for your event or be a culinary experience for diners. There is really no limit to how exciting you want the food to be. With the proper notice , we are able to bring in the right equipment and power to make sure whatever type do food service or menu you decide on, the production will be seamless and hassle free. 

The whole point of hiring professional is to ease your burden and uncomplicate things. This frees you up to focus on your big day, on enjoying every moment and allows you to be stress free. 

If you are considering hosting the event in your home to save money, just remember this might not be the case. Depending on your number of guests and how your event will run, you may need to bring in rental tables , linens and chairs for seating. You may need outdoor fans or heaters , you may need to tent the space, and so much more. Before you decide , you should definitely compare the pricing of doing it at home and bringing in all the rentals you would need or finding a venue that may already provide a lot of those items. We can definitely help you with determining what works best for you and your budget needs. It's all in the planning !

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Madly in Love: The Food!!

Awesome! Delicious! Incredible!- just a few of the words to describe the fantastic food options we had at the last open house. Our attendees had a vast array of food options starting with our tray passed hors d'oeuvres including our fabulous Miniature Beef Wellington, Stuffed Mushroom Caps Florentine, and Meatloaf Mashed Potato Shooters. 

Multiple food stations of mini plates gave guests the opportunity to enjoy the food at their leisure

Savory Crepe filled with Crawfish Etouffe and Petite Beef Filet

Delicious Bite Sized Philly Cheesesteak Sliders

Create your own Pasta Station

And a sweet ending to the evening 
Build Your Own S'mores Station

Our open house menu definitely captured some of what we are seeing in wedding trends. Action stations and "Create Your Own" items are very popular for all types of events and receptions. Comfort food items are still a huge hit and are often requested with a fresh flavor twist. We are also seeing a lot of requests for a different spin on the carving station, try pairing it with some different sauces or as we did with a new etouffe. 

So by now you know, no one left this event hungry. You should also mark your calendar for our next open house so you can sample some of our tasty items as well. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Madly in Love: The Vendors

Please join us Thursday June 19 at Nuvo Room for our Quarterly Weddings Preview event! The open house is held from 5:00-8:00 PM and is your chance to see Madly in Love come to life! 

We have some amazing vendors that are helping us make this event truly one of a kind!

Fleurs de France: Over 15 years ago Dianne France began her adventure into the world of flowers. Her love of natural beauty pushed her and in 2005 she opened Fleurs de France. Dianne has a passion for floral arrangements that shines through each of the weddings that she is able to work on. 
Not only are Dianne's arrangements beautiful, but they are also unique to each bride. Dianne has been called talented, hardworking, and amazing. Come to Madly in Love to see Dianne's beautiful pieces come to life and you'll see why she can turn your dreams into realities!

The Jenny Layne Bakery: In 2006 Jenny realized her passion for baking and decorating cakes. She had always baked as a young girl, but not until college at Texas Tech University did Jenny truly fall in love. She has a passion fr seeing the reaction of her customers' when she delivers a freshly baked and beautifully decorated cake to an eager bride, a birthday party full of children, or a family celebrating a graduation. 
The Jenny Layne Bakery specializes in cakes for all occasions. She also offers cookies, cake pops, cupcakes, pies, whoopie pies, decorated sugar cookies, and much, much more. Come meet Jenny at Madly in Love and get a taste of some of her specialty items!

Apryl Ann Photography: Apryl Ann is a stunning photographer with an eye for the beautiful details of your special day. Apryl's attraction to photography sprouted while studying architecture in college and has grown into her life's passion. Her studio is based in Dallas with her work featured in numerous publications including Cosmopolitan Bride, Green Wedding Shoes, Ruffled, 100 Layer Cake, Style Me Pretty, Where Magazine, FDLuxe, Daily Candy, and many more. 
Come meet Apryl Ann at our event and see some of her beautiful work. She will be your dream come true when capturing your special moments on your wedding day!

Adam Wilmore, LeForce Entertainment: Adam is a stylized and fun loving DJ, he is not long winded or over the top. Adam's thought is "Weddings are such memorable events. I love the planning, the energy and the emotion." His number one priority is creating the most unique and memorable experience for his client. 
Come by our open house and meet Adam. He would love to help you make your wedding one for the record books. 

Selfie Station: The Selfie Station is a premier company for your photo booth needs in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. All of their photo booths are 2014 models with all of the bells and whistles. All selfie stations are designed for fun, elegance, and flexibility. The decor of the booths fit all occasions and are highly portable. 

We can't wait to see you at the open house and have you meet our amazing vendors!